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Between 2006 and 2009, the years leading up to the global financial crisis, Juande Jarillo (Granada, 1969) spent his free time seeking out moments of people gathering together or crossing paths in Barcelona. Jarillo set up his camera in different locations in the city centre, sometimes riding the tourist bus, and waiting for the precise moment when a conjunction of forms, an interplay of gazes and reflections, or a composition of figures or of urban artefacts would unfold. His aim was to capture the almost invisible textures, light and vectors that cross the urban landscape at a given moment.

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Broken Games

The exhibition Broken Games is a selection of 13 photographs by different authors: some were taken by Joaquim Gomis’ father, others by Joaquim Gomis (1902-1991) himself, and one by Gomis’ wife, Odette Cherbonnier. What prompted this exhibition was a desire to present materials from the family albums in the Gomis Archive held at the National Archive of Catalonia, which evoke summertime joie de vivre as well as fun vacation and leisure time.

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Some Direction

In this selection of photographs-most of which convey low temperatures, were taken at dusk or at times of low luminosity-, we find elements that can both open or close a space or dissolve its boundaries and contours. Mayoral photographs places that might seem hostile, places where time has been suspended, a time that does not seem to exist and that the locations do not allow to situate or signify.

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