Photography in the Foyer

Juande Jarillo
Curated by
Martina Millà

Between 2006 and 2009, the years leading up to the global financial crisis, Juande Jarillo (Granada, 1969) spent his free time seeking out moments of people gathering together or crossing paths in Barcelona. Jarillo set up his camera in different locations in the city centre, sometimes riding the tourist bus, and waiting for the precise moment when a conjunction of forms, an interplay of gazes and reflections, or a composition of figures or of urban artefacts would unfold. His aim was to capture the almost invisible textures, light and vectors that cross the urban landscape at a given moment.

These frozen moments are precisely the ones that generate striking and ambiguous compositions or unexpected optical and spatial effects -the things that interest Jarillo. A highly complex tapestry of ground and forms, of anonymous people and urban contexts, which, once frozen, unveil the paradoxes of the image beyond "views" that at first glance could seem, to quote the photographer, "genre scenes" -trivial moments in our everyday lives.

Views is a selection of nine photographs from those years that now seem so distant, selected for the foyer at the Fundació Joan Miró jointly with David Bestué, the curator of the exhibition The Point of Sculpture, and Martina Millà, the museum's Head of Exhibitions. Juande Jarillo is also featured in David Bestué's show with a photograph from 2008, taken in Madrid, and this coincidence helps us to underscore a line of photography that is rarely encountered in Barcelona; it also places the accent on cross-cutting professional profiles, which constitute the underlying thread for this program at the Fundació Joan Miró in homage to the legacy of Joaquim Gomis, the outstanding amateur photographer who was the foundation's first president.