Bo Bardi appears in Gaudí as seen by Gomis

Photography in the Foyer

Joaquim Gomis

From the photographs taken by Joaquim Gomis of some of Antoni Gaudí's most iconic buildings, this selection was made by thinking about what Lina Bo Bardi might have discovered in the Catalan architect's works during her visit to Barcelona in 1956. Indeed, Gomis and Bo Bardi may actually have crossed paths while visiting the buildings because some of the photographs were taken in the same year. We know that Gaudí had a major impact on the Italian-born Brazilian architect and that after that trip her projects morphed in such a way as to adopt a more organic and less serial vision of architecture. Meanwhile, Joaquim Gomis had already begun to take photographs of Gaudí's work in 1943 and was one of the founders of the Friends of Gaudí association. He was president of that association in 1952, at a time when the hegemony of the International Style led to Gaudí's architecture being seen virtually as an aberration.