Long Days, Short Nights. Photographs by Joaquim Gomis

  • Photography in the Foyer
    Long Days, Short Nights. Photographs by Joaquim Gomis
  • Dates
    14/06/2022 - 18/09/2022

The Fundació Joan Miró presents the exhibition Long Days, Short Nights

This exhibition features photographs that Joaquim Gomis took during the summers he and his family spent in Sitges and Ibiza. The selection of photos spans the ten years from 1965 to 1975, a period noted for the rapid and widespread social transformations that took place. Gomis, born in 1902, observed with a curious eye the changes in customs and habits and compared them with the surviving vestiges of the oldest traditions associated with the summer months, such as the Feast Day of St. John.

A representative of the early Avant-garde, Gomis photographed almost an entire century of summers spent at the seaside with friends and family. In the sixties and seventies, however, his age obliged him to change roles and he turned to capturing the forms of tourism and leisure that were gradually emerging, using new cameras and new types of film to do so. The exhibition shows emblematic instants of those ten years of sweeping social and generational transformation at the time of year when the days are at their longest and hottest and the nights are short and full of celebrations and partying.