Barcelona, Neutral Zone

Temporary exhibitions

Curated by
Fèlix Fanés i Joan M. Minguet

During the First World War, Barcelona entered fully into modernity. While Europe was at war, some Catalan artists began the journey to the forefront of the avant-garde (Miró, Togores, Manolo Hugué...), many foreign artists came to escape the war (Picabia, Gleizes, Otto Lloyd, Olga Sacharova...) and by 1917 Picasso was back in Barcelona.  All this occurred in a context of great political, working-class and cultural tension that is reflected in the diversity of visual formats: photography, illustrations, magazines, postcards, advertising, stickers and trade cards, and of course also in cinema. Mass culture was booming in a Barcelona that combined the hedonistic life of the port district with the cultural activities of the Mancomunitat.

Curated by Fèlix Fanés and Joan M. Minguet

In collaboration with:

  • Fundación BBVA