Marria Pratts and her exhibition 1 possession Drift. Meeting with the artist

A visit aimed at groups of people with functional diversity as well as social inclusion groups to discover the creations by Marria Pratts, a self-taught artist born in Barcelona in 1988. During the visit, people will be able to converse with the artist to find out why she gave the exhibition its title and to learn about her creative process. The dialogue with Pratts will allow questions to be asked and impressions to be exchanged.

Marria Pratts has created an enigmatic space where visitors can see themselves strangely reflected, even within the artistic landscape surrounding them. So the presence of viewers and the presence of large format paintings are closely related, as if the frames of the works had expanded and enveloped the visitors. 

This activity is being held within the framework of the 'Dive and Immersion' exhibition programme in Espai 13 and the exhibition 1 possession Drift.

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1 hour


Exhibition 1 possession Drift in Espai 13


Date and time to be agreed


Free activity


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