Sideways Looks at Picasso and Miró

'Sideways Looks at Miró and Picasso' aims to consider the two artists from oblique or off-centre viewpoints, as the word 'sideways' indicates. A number of lectures invite us to look about us and at ourselves in an affectionate, porous and unstructured way to reveal what remains hidden by a frontal view of the history of art and that of artists and our own.

The activity proposes to diagnose the relations between creators affected by the patriarchal system of culture, while reconsidering the invention of the figure of the genius artist and their hallowed contributions, which admit no criticism by younger generations. We will also be investigating the transmission via patrilineal paths of access to the art system (academies, museums, exhibitions, art history, etc.) and the mirror between geniuses that raises the prestige of both the master and the proselyte.


10.00-10.45 am - Laura Mercader, 'Instrumental Relations Are not Fertile'

10.45-11.30 am - Víctor Ramírez Tur, 'Peripheral Dances around the Female Dancers and Weeping Women of Miró and Picasso'

11.30 am - 12.15 pm - Daniel López del Rincón, 'Looking at Genius through Failure'

12.15-1.00 pm - Open dialogue

3.00-5.30 pm - Obliquities: workshop of tangled proposals

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Auditorium of the Fundació Joan Miró


24 February 2024, 10 am


Free, prior registration required


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