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<p>© Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona. Photo: Davide Camesasca</p>

Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy

Miró. His Most Intimate Legacy unveils a relatively unknown facet of Miró as a collector of his own work, which was expressed in the creation of three personal collections: his own; that of his wife Pilar; and the collection of his daughter Dolors. This project seeks to renders homage and express gratitude to the artist as well as to the three generations of the Miró family that have shown leadership in the universal artist’s commitment to the Fundació Joan Miró and the city of Barcelona.

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The resurrection

Marcel Rubio Juliana engages and updates the ancient alchemical concept of transmutation. Resurrection is an occurrence in the spiritual realm that pertains to various sacred traditions in which the dead return to life. In evoking a transition which by its very nature cannot be represented, Rubio Juliana recurs to alchemy and its idea of transmutation. Following on the principles of this historical discipline, there is no disassociation between matter and spirit.

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