Magical Portraits

Miró and Picasso each painted numerous portraits over the course of their lives. In their early days, these portraits were realistic, but in later years they both distorted their subjects' faces to explore new expressive paths.

In this creative workshop, participants will produce collective portraits. Each person will draw the others' faces but always on the same support. The result will be superimposed portraits with numerous lines and new forms that will have to be discovered and endowed with new meanings.

The workshop will be held in the Casa de Sofia at the Hospital Sant Joan de Déu, but participants will be given the opportunity to visit the Miró-Picasso exhibition.

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2 hours


Casa de Sofia (Hospital Sant Joan de Déu)


13 January 2024 at 10.30 am



Children and teenagers with rare diseases and complex chronic conditions


Free activity for patients at the hospital

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