Lithograph "Miró as sculptor, Great Britain", 1974

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This lithograph is part of a set that Joan Miró produced in 1974 for the book by Jacques Dupin "Miró scultore".


Product features:
Lithograph on Guarro paper
Dimensions: 20 x 39,90 cm
Edition of 1.500 unnumbered prints
Signed by Joan Miró on the zinc plate
Printed and published by La Polígrafa, S.A., Barcelona and Grafica Contemporanea, Milano.


This lithography by Joan Miró, dated 1974, features Jacques Dupin Mirós text “Miró scultore” a testimony in itself of the close collaboration established throughout Mirós life with poets and writers.

It’s also a clear example of Joan Miró’s technique at that time: black predominates and was applied quickly and surely, with primary colours creating a vivid contrast.

This particular piece is part of a limited edition with only 1500 copies in circulation, printed on Guarro paper (20 x 39,3 cm) with Joan Miró’s signature engraved with a zinc board.

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Original lithograph by Joan Miró's from the lithography series Maravillas con variaciones acrósticas en el jardín de Miró, 1975