Siurell Peasant Man

P.V.P.: 11,00 €
Friends Price: 9,90 €

Traditional Mallorcan ceramic piece which imitates figure of animals or person and produces a shrill whistling sound. 

Material: clay, whitewashed and hand painted.
Available measurements: 13 cm (11 €) - 16 cm (23 €)
Product made in Mallorca.

Joan Miró was always interested in all forms of popular art, and very especially in the ‘siurells.’ In an interview he said:

I observe them constantly. Each figure has its own physiognomy, even though they’re made in their hundreds. They’re very popular, especially among children. [...] Soon there’ll be a festivity here, a popular festival with a small fair. You’ll see lots of small dolls like these on sale, they only cost a few pesetas. For me these dolls have an extraordinary importance, look at the expressivity of the face and the posture..."

The colours of the statuettes – red, green, blue on white – have clear Mediterranean reminiscences, like Miró’s own works.

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