Guide to the Fundació Joan Miró

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The foundation's collection of works by Joan Miró includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles and an extensive print archive. In addition, it also features an exceptional collection of the artist's preliminary sketches, notes, scale models, sketchbooks and correspondence. This extensive, diverse collection, representative of all the periods in Miró's career and all the techniques he used, stems from the artist's gift to the new centre.

Author: Rosa Maria Malet, Jordi J. Clavero, Teresa Montaner, Elena Escolar
Publisher: Fundació Joan Miró and Ediciones Polígrafa
Year of publication: 2016

Product features:
171 pp.
119 illustrations
Paperback with flaps
14 x 21 cm

Catalan: ISBN 978-84-16411-25-2
Spanish: ISBN 978-84-16411-26-9
English: ISBN 978-84-16411-27-6
French: ISBN 978-84-16411-28-3
German: ISBN 978-84-16411-29-0
Italian: ISBN 978-84-16411-30-6
Japanese: ISBN 978-84-16411-31-3

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