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Kit for kids with the materials required to organise a surrealist exhibition.

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This entertaining and complete Little Story aimed at boys and girls offers a journey through the life and artistic career of the painter Joan Miró. The text is accompanied by colour illustrations by Pilarín Bayés.

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The Fundació Joan Miró: A Living Centre, Open to the World covers the forty years of the foundation's history, a long and full trajectory of art, friendship and commitment to Barcelona which, over the years, has succeeded in remaining true to the spirit of its founder, Joan Miró.

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The newest Cahiers d’Art revue 2018 revisits Miró’s works and relationship between Miró and Cahiers d’Art through an anthology of the most beautiful texts published in the revue. It also introduces unpublished objects and pieces from the artist’s collection.

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Miró and the Catalan Poets is part of the book series the Enciclopèdia Catalana has dedicated to the great Catalan artists of the 20th-century, such as Picasso and Dalí. This volume, dedicated in turn to Miró, is a book of books, a recompilation of all the work that Miró did with Catalan poets, including J.V. Foix, Salvador Espriu, Joan Brossa and...

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This book compiles the most important works of Joan Miró, while at the same time carrying out a complete chronological tour of the life and the stylistic periods of the artist.

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An indispensable reference book for specialists and non-specialists alike, it also makes a very important aspect of Joan Miró’s work accessible and interesting to the general reader.

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This book on Joan Miró offers details about his sentimental relationships that have been unknown until now, as well as reconstructing the reasons why he left Spain during the Civil War and analysing how he was able to survive during the harshest years of the Franco regime. The biography centres on the years from 1893 to 1947, when he travelled to the...

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Swasky meets Joan Miró in the building designed by architect Josep Lluís Sert for Miró in Barcelona. In this book, Swasky invites the reader to join him as he tours the Fundació Joan Miró and some of the key places in the life and work of this great artist.

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When we learn how to read, letters, words and figures come to form part of a marvellous multifarious universe that is open and free of all prejudice. Using the language of art, "ABC Miró" introduces us to this stimulating learning stage. Letters and words are presented and represented using an infinite variety of registers, techniques and emotions from...

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An activity and games book for kids aged 3 and upwards. As they play with the Mironins – characters who have escaped from one of Joan Miró’s paintings – they’ll have fun and learn about the life and work of one of the most remarkable Catalan artists of the 20th century.

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Volume V of the Catalogue Raisonné of the original lithographs of Joan Miró from 1972 to 1975.

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Catalogue of the exhibition "Sound Art?"

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Catalogue of the exhibition Lina Bo Bardi Drawings

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Catalogue of the exhibition Lee Miller and Surrealism in Britain that provides an insight into one of the most important poles of the Surrealist movement's complex international network.

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Beehave elicited a diptych publication that was released in two stages: the first part, Bee Writings, is a compilation of essays that provides the theoretical framework for the exhibition; the second, Where Are the Bees?, gathers all the interventions that artists from around the world presented within the Fundació and throughout the city.

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Beehave explores the right of honey bees to inhabit urban spaces, the coexistence of the city's desired and necessary biodiversity with the artificial elements of the urban landscape.

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Bee Writings is presented as a compilation of essays commissioned with the aim of charting a theoretical framework for the exhibition Beehave (16/02/2018 - 20/05/2018), but it is only the first part of a broader publishing project. Likewise, the exhibition is only the first chapter of Beehave, which unfolds all around the city of Barcelona throughout a...

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Catalog of the exhibition Sumer and the Modern Paradigm (28/10/2017- 21/01/2018), explores the interest that Mesopotamian “arts” from the turn of the fourth and third millennium BC aroused in some of the key artists of the twentieth century.

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Endgame: Duchamp, chess and the avant-gardes is an account of twentieth-century avant-garde movements up to the beginning of conceptual art, told from the angle of what appears to be a minor anecdote: the game of chess. Taking Marcel Duchamp's life as our time frame, the exhibition explores the hypothesis that chess was a backdrop to the historical...

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"Infinite Sequence" is an exhibition dedicated to the work of Ignasi Aballí, winner of the 2015 Joan Miró Prize. It proposes a stroll through a selection of pieces by Catalonia's foremost conceptual artist to allow visitors to gradually discover some of the key aspects of his oeuvre. The presentation of the selected works eludes a strict retrospective...

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Lesson 0 is a long-term, wide-ranging project that reflects on the state of art education in the present day. Curated by Azotea (Ane Agirre and Juan canela) and developed from the yearly exhibition program at Espai 13, lesson 0 foregrounds proposals associated with a pedagogy that deviates from the expected in order to explore other forms of conveying...

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Prophetia, a project curated by Imma Prieto, includes an exhibition and this publication. They are both structured around three concepts: rape, correspondence and responsibility. To quote the curator, ‘The project does not stem so much from a question as from an observation: the separation or gap between an almost romantic notion of Europe, linked to a...

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This catalogue not only shows Sert’s architectural work, but also reveals its effects on town planning. On a theoretical level, as a young man he defended the ideas behind new architecture. As a creative architect, he designed buildings that are still admired as examples to be followed. The Fundació Joan Miró is the building Sert created to house the work...

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The foundation's collection of works by Joan Miró includes paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, textiles and an extensive print archive. In addition, it also features an exceptional collection of the artist's preliminary sketches, notes, scale models, sketchbooks and correspondence. This extensive, diverse collection, representative of all the...

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This exhibition is organised by the Tate Modern, London, and the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, and brings together over 150 works by the artist showing that his tendency towards contemplative isolation was accompanied by a coherent response to events.

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The Writings of Josep Lluís Sert illuminates Sert’s contributions to 20th-century architecture, urban design, and design pedagogy, and makes clear the similarities and differences between his ideas and those of his mentor, Le Corbusier.

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Listening to the shades is an artist's book by Nalini Malani, inspired by the writing of Christa Wolf on the ancient Greek myth of Cassandra.

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Flip-book published for the exhibition Nalini Malani Beyond Print – Memory, Transference, Montage presented at the Center de la Gravure on 2013.

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This book examines the emergence and evolution of the discipline of urban design as articulated through the work of Josep Lluís Sert (1902–1983), one of its most influential practitioners.

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This book helps children discover a masterpiece of art in an engaging, educational fashion. Each double page focuses on part of an artwork and says a few words about it, while the complete painting is revealed at the end of the book on a foldout page.

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