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Mug with print of the work Painting-Poem (this is the color of my dream) made by Miró in 1925

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Printed tumbler with a work's Parler seul series that Joan Miró painted between 1948 and 1950

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Mug printed with a work from Parler seul series made by Joan Miró to illustrate Tristan Tzara's 1950's book

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To coincide with the exhibition Lee Miller and Surrealism in Great Britain, we have at your disposal this teapot that shows the photograph Bathing Feature made by Lee Miller in 1941. Limited edition of 100 pieces

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4-piece coffee set featuring a print of the work Sculpture in ceramic by Miró and Artigas, 1956

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Espresso cup with print of a work Miró made as a New Year’s card for the Fequet-Baudier printing works in 1970, Vœux pour 1971 de l’imprimerie Fequet-Baudier

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Mug with print of the work La biche chantant la Tosca, 1969

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Mug printed  the work Terres de grand feu, made by Joan Miró in 1960

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Mug with printed logo of the Fundació Joan Miró made by Miró in 1975

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