Imaginary Friends Season of Music

The series of concerts that partners Imaginary Friends highlights the connection between the methodologies of experimental audio and visual creation, while focusing on a network of up-and-coming young artists working in Barcelona.

The futuristic, ethereal atmosphere of Marina Herlop, the neo-soul with the rhythms of West Africa of Bikôkô, the synaesthetic offerings of b1n0 and Playmodes, the mystical chants of Adelaida and the less easily discernible rhythms of MANS O will invite us to enter the exhibition in an altered physical and mental state.

The concerts will be held in the North Patio and the terraces at the Fundació Joan Miró between 17 March and 30 June 2023.

Season of music associated with the Imaginary Friends temporary exhibition, in partnership with Foehn Records, Whisper Not and Primavera Labels.

Programme of concerts

Marina Herlop - 17 March at 8.00 pm

b1n0 - 22 April at 8.00 pm

MANS O + Adelaida - 19 May at 8.00 pm

Bikôkô -30 June at 8.00 pm


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