Collaborative Projects

The Fundació Joan Miró takes part in collaborative projects with other Barcelona-based and international organisations and institutions. Through these projects, the Foundation seeks to promote the study of Joan Miró's work, make contemporary art more accessible, and turn collective work into an opportunity for mutual enrichment.


Mironins is a transmedia initiative that seeks to encourage children to have a more intimate and lively relationship with art. Currently Mironins has expanded into a research and innovation project whose aim is to create pioneering ways to make connections, participate and learn in the museum environment through digital technologies.

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Apropa Cultura

The Fundació Joan Miró has taken part in the Apropa Cultura programme since September 2013. Its support of Apropa Cultura has led to the development of activities aimed at people with disabilities and groups at risk of social exclusion, as well as to a comprehensive reappraisal of the museum’s commitment to the whole of society.

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